AiRx – A Public Benefit Company

AiRx App

AiRx will produce a free app that is proximity based, locating victims of overdose. Our first priority is to find where you are, not who you are. This app will direct the pilot of the drone to the location of the emergency.

What We Do

AiRx is designed to reduce the opioid overdose emergency response time to five minutes, a significant reduction from the current national average of 11+ minutes. In the case of opioid overdose, seconds can be the difference between life and death.

Target Audience

AiRx focus is more on a niche market: victims of accidental opioid overdose. Intellectual property rights through a provisional patent have been obtained by AiRx for the use of drone technology in distributing controlled substances and Naloxone.


Business Proposition

Our business model is simple, we charge $9.99 for the AiRx app which includes one emergency delivery worth $48 for Naloxone and delivery expense. Additional emergency deliveries are billed at reasonable market rates per AiRx delivery. As a Public Benefit Corporation, AiRX will also seek underwriting support to provide reduced fee services to those in need.

Emergency Naloxone Delivery

AiRx drones will be able to deliver packages within 5 minutes, within 5 miles anywhere, anytime from our Command Control Centers.

Awareness Campaign

The urgency of a national scale response to the epidemic of overdose due to opioids use cannot be understated. AiRx will develop an awareness campaign targeted to the rapidly changing demographic threatened by this crisis. Statistics are revealing that opioid use has gone well beyond the urban, lower economic income, minority brackets and is now spreading across suburban rings and beyond into rural areas with strong use increases in white, economically affluent areas and by women.

Bricks & Mortar

AiRx will maintain response command centers throughout the United States, creating the technological and physical infrastructure for future expanded response operations via drone.

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Vehicle Delivery

Factor in inclement weather: AiRx will use a small fleet of vehicles/ in conjunction with municipal first responders to deliver manually, insuring 100% reliable delivery performance.

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At AiRX our number one priority is simple: save lives!

The urgency of a national scale response to the epidemic of overdose due to opioids use cannot be understated.

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