Awareness Campaign

Marketing, Sales and Business Development

The urgency of a national scale response to the epidemic of overdose due to opioids use cannot be understated. AiRX will develop an awareness campaign targeted to the rapidly changing demographic threatened by this crisis. Statistics are revealing that opioid use has gone well beyond the urban, lower economic income, minority brackets and is now spreading across suburban rings and beyond into rural areas with strong use increases in white, economically affluent areas and by women.

To reach this ever broadening demographic, a three-tiered approach will be undertaken:

  • Grassroots via Social Media: We believe those with the most passion for viable solutions to this crisis (immediate family members, friends of victims) will be most likely to assist in the AiRX awareness campaign. Therefore our campaign will begin at the grassroots level and span across internet based communications platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, our own YouTube channel as well as strategic placement of sponsored content. Our marketing strategy will actively seek collaborative relationships with existing recovery and prevention organizations whose mission aliagns synergistically with that of AiRX.
  • First Responders: We will engage the community of first responders such as fire departments, police departments and other emergency personnel, inviting endorsement and integration of the AiRX solution into existing response protocols.
  • Public Initiatives: AiRX will seek collaboration at the state and national level with existing initiatives currently being implemented by the White House and Governor’s offices across the country.

Sales & Business Development

The AiRX app will be available for download via the App Store and the App Store for Android. AiRx seeks to partner with local rehabilitation programs, hospitals and NGOs as well as pharmaceutical  companies.  

Bricks and Mortar

AiRX will maintain response command centers throughout the United States, creating the technological and physical infrastructure for future expanded response operations via drone.