Jyotsna B

Jyotsna is currently a graduate student working toward a Masters in Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship from UC Berkeley and Ecole Polytechnique. She is developing her skills in all facets of Entrepreneurship along with building strong foundations in Machine Learning. She has a Bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering, where her passion for building drones started. She spent a year designing aircraft engine components for Rolls Royce engines. During her undergraduate program she led a team of of students to compete at an SAE Aerodesign competition which required the team to build a Micro UAV from scratch and fly it successfully. She also authored the “Systems Engineering Report’ for the project which was awarded with a certificate of merit from NASA. She further developed  a deeper understanding of autopilot system of UAVs during her research at Indian Institute of Science.

Jyotsna is very passionate about building solutions with social impact. She developed a ‘Modular Biomass Stove’ for a NGO based in Bangalore (India) to be disseminated in rural parts of southern India. She chose her current Master’s program due to her passion for building solutions from ground up, working in a passion driven environment and her love for an adventurous life.

Jyotsna can speak, write and read 3 languages fluently. In her free time she tries to have new experiences or learn something new in sports, hobbies, travel and food.