Mark Sendo

My name is Mark Sendo; I am an entrepreneur, advisor, and inventor with proven skills as a technologist, idea generator, product manager, strategist and marketer. In the past several years, I invented AirBlade, the World’s first extreme arena team sport and AiRX, the solution to stem the epidemic in prescription drug overdose, of which both are IP protected (9 total).  Typically, I speak at conferences from around the world, have appeared in Forbes, Fox Market News, and featured as the headline show in Discovery Channels Planet Earth.  

I graduated from the University of Michigan as a Macro Economist. I was honored with an award via the Stephen Ross Graduate School of Business at the University of Michigan for creating most value in complex negotiations. For the last 15 years as a CEO, I have lead my companies through recessions, pivoted and managed growth with minimal resources, and developed product design from scribbled ideas on a napkin to finished concepts. Since ideas are only ideas, I have come to learn that execution and perseverance are the two key ingredients for building successful companies. 

 Lastly, I was in TechCrunch 3 times, PocketGamer, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, MLIve and many other media outlets.  

I am also the Founder and CEO of Swapmob, a social trading network for free-to-play games to allow p2p trading of virtual items. Below are a few links that i was featured in along with interviews about AirBlade. :,,,

In 2014, Sendo was Voted Startup CEO of the Week from Golf Digest, appeared in Forbes, Fox News, the Discovery Channel and often speaks at Conferences around the World.  Sendo raised over $3.5 million over the past 15 years for 7 different companies with 4 exits.