Noah Fabes

Noah is currently a student studying Economics at the University of Michigan.  He is working on his undergraduate degree, and has aspirations to obtain a graduate business degree.

In 2013, Noah was involved in a two-person masonry company. He was hired as the CFO and helped to formulate business and marketing plans. Noah helped the company grow and double in revenue over the two years that he was there. He enjoys working in a variety of different fields, but has found passion in tech start-ups.

Over the past four years, Noah has discovered an enthusiasm to help youth who suffer from prescription drug addiction. Noah serves as a volunteer for an Ann Arbor treatment center, and speaks to youth from all over the State of Michigan. His passion has helped promote awareness of the impact that drug addiction has on the lives of friends and families, across a wide demographic.

In addition, Noah has served as chairman of several non-profit events for Washtenaw Alano Club. The goal of these events was to spread awareness through bringing in recovery related speakers from all over the United States. Noah was in charge of overseeing event budgets, secure advertising, arrange meeting venues and organize volunteers on behalf of the Washtenaw Alano Club. His passion for helping the recovery community has translated into a source of inspiration for AiRX.